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ООО "ФАРМАМЕД" фармацевтическая производственная компания
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Founded in 2003, and its history from the pharmaceutical trade.

Today OOO Farmamed - is actively developing a diversified pharmaceutical company that produces, as ready-made pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical substances, leading his own research, not only in synthesis technology and production, but also in the direction of search and research of new drugs.

Assortment number of companies - is ready and drugs - nitroglycerine, Valemidin, and active pharmaceutical substances: Unithiol, Etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate, Yodantipirin, Howlin alfostserat, your own original drug "Imstikor.

The main product at the time of foundation of the company were Trituratsionnye nitroglycerin tablets, which for the time of the company in the market have received due recognition from the public.

Nitroglycerin sublingual tablets are traditionally for decades are in great demand among domestic consumers, as well as the post-Soviet territory. The product combines the fast action - in the first seconds of the reception - and the price affordable for older people.

From the first days of its activity the company has been developing new medicines. The first result of this work was the release of non-sterile liquid forms. Currently OOO Farmamed produces jointly with "Euromed" innovative drug "Valemidin» R - holistic medicine based on herbal tinctures, providing antihistaminic, sedative and antispasmodic action.

Since 2006 the company started work on the study and synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It was mastered by a synthesis of technologically complex products market in Russia - Unithiol - the active ingredient of the popular drug "Zoreks, providing detoxication action, including in relation to the product half-life of ethyl alcohol, heavy metals and their compounds.

Another mastered in the production of the substance was etilmetilgidroksipiridina succinate, best known as the finished product under the trademark "Meksidol (Farmasoft). The substance is part of the preparations are widely used in neurology, surgery, psychiatry and Addiction.

Today OOO Farmamed "- one of the few companies in Russia capable of fine organic synthesis, apply and develop technology with a complete cycle of the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances with a modern industrial and technological equipment, research laboratories and qualified personnel.

All technological processes of production of drugs and substances are organized to meet modern standards for technological processes and production standards.

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